Take a Cheese Cave Tour at Murray’s Cheese Shop

I just wanted to share some pictures from a cheese cave tour I took at Murray’s Cheese in the West Village not too long ago. It was interesting, kind of gross at times, but informative and enjoyable. And they kept us happy with wines, cheeses, dried fruits and nuts to snack on before and after the tour. And yes, if it looks like mold on the cheese, it is mold. Apparently someone goes down every day to pull the spores off, but I wasn’t expecting to see that.

Keep in mind

-That the “caves” are actually rooms.

-If you take one of these tours, wear a sweater or bring your coat down with you. I left my coat upstairs and was freezing!

-They make you wear booties and hair nets/caps.

-Get your glass of wine topped off before you had downstairs otherwise you are stuck holding an empty glass the entire time.

-You are allowed to take pictures so bring your phone or camera.

-Joyce Huang

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