Schmakary’s Cookies NYC

How pretty are these cookies? Months, months, months ago, we went to go see Once on Broadway. My husband absolutely loves the movie and had to see the show Once it came out. BTW, there is this song in it called ‘Falling Slowly.’ It is amazing and will bring a tear or ten to your […]

Maison Kayser NYC

I can’t believe I haven’t written about Maison Kayser yet. I mean, I gained like 5 lbs in one week from carbing it up at their bakery. Maison Kayser is a chain bakery. There are locations all over Europe and Asia, and recently they opened up their first American location in the Upper East Side […]

Serious Cake at Corner Bakery

Sometimes it’s the simple things in life that can make people happy. Like when I walked into Corner Bakery and spotted a shimmering, whole pineapple upside down cake on display. Me: How much is that? Baker: The whole thing? Me: The whole thing. As she tied it up for me, I was informed that it […]

The Cookie I Can’t Live Without

Levain bakery sells my favorite cookies. It feels so weird to say something like “favorite” when there are so many tasty places to go in New York City, but these cookies are just so amazing. First off, these are some massive cookies. Each one is about 6 oz  and extremely filling. Just look how big […]