Sweet, Fried Hot Peppers

My mouth is on fire right now. I found a container of fried, hot Italian peppers that I left soaking in simple syrup and I can’t stop eating them. Gosh, I must’ve been in college the first time I had these suckers. My godmother would get into these jarring and canning kicks, and bring over like 15 containers of whatever she was making. As she gets older, her memory has become hazy, so when I asked her for exact measurements on how to soak the peppers, and she couldn’t remember, I had to at least try and figure it out myself. I tasted them about a week after making them and they were awful! Left them in the fridge and forgot about them, but after seeing them again, after about 2 months, and trying them again, they were great! So happy that it worked out and I didn’t throw them out. So how do I eat these sweet and hot peppers? I eat them as it, or will literally put them on anything and everything. In college I was on a big kick of making mozzarella sandwiches layered with one of these long peppers in order to offset how hot it would get. Yes, it can be painful, but so good at the same time.


-Hot Italian peppers. However many you want to eat.

-Simple syrup. Equal parts of sugar and water.

-Enough oil to cover an inch of a frying pan.

Now What?

-Put the oil on a medium heat, and when it is ready for frying, you will see it ripple slightly, turn the heat to a medium-low and start frying your peppers. When the skin is golden and blistered, turn them and repeat on each side.

-Drain them on paper towels.

-Stuff the fried peppers into a container and then pour simple syrup over it till all of it is submerged.

-Keep in the fridge. Should be ready to eat in a month or so.

-Joyce Huang


  • I’ve been trying to find a source for the seeds to grow these peppers for years. My Italian mama would also fry and can these beautiful long hot green peppers, but instead of packing in simple syrup she used olive oil and garlic. Also very delicious on a crusty Italian bread sandwich with mozzarella.

  • I’ll have to try that! That sounds wonderful. Thank you for sharing!

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