Sweet and Spicy Asian Lobster Roll

Lobster rolls are fabulous. But sometimes I like changing things up a bit. So when making this one up, I decided to give it a sweet and spicy Asian twist.




Sweet Thai chili sauce

Celery (diced)

Asian chili oil

Potato hot dog bun

Butter (1 TBS)

1 cup of lobster meat chopped up into bite size pieces

Now What?

In a pan, fry up both sides of the hot dog bun in melted butter till it’s nice and toasty. Set aside and let cool down.

In a bowl, mix up half a cup of mayo, with a three count squeeze of the sweet Thai chili sauce and a 6 count squeeze of siracha. So not like 1,2,3. More like 1…2…3. Slowly pour this mixture one tablespoon at a time into the lobster. Mix everything up after each spoonful that you put in so that it is dispersed well. I mixed enough so that the meat is lightly coated and not drenched. About 1-2 tablespoons. Add in as much celery as you want, I toss it small handfuls till I can clearly see that eat bite will yield 3-4 cubes of celery because you want that crunch.

Fill the roll with as much of this mixture that you want and then drizzle a hint of chili oil on top.

-Joyce Huang


  • FYI – the seafood vendor near the entrance of Grand Central Market (sorry forget the name) has cooked 1.25 or 1.5 lb. lobsters for $15. Don’t know if they’re any good, but they’ll probably yield at least 2(?) rolls that would run you $15-$25 each at the profligate lobster roll purveyors in town.

  • There’s one more place my mom was telling me about too, I have to find out where, where she got cooked lobsters for around $10, but I have to find out if that is a regular price, or if you had to purchase something else to get. That’s a good deal, re: GCM seafood place, I would assume that area would be more expensive!

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