Sweet And Simple Jumbo Shrimp Recipe

I didn’t realize that frozen shrimp could taste so fresh and sweet, but a former roommate of mine, who is an amazing cook, recently showed me his secret. When he makes them they come out so flavorful, you can even eat them plain. Although you can obviously eat them hot or cold, I prefer to eat them cold because it brings out more of the natural sweetness of the shrimp. One of my favorite parts about this dish is that it is so easy to make.


Frozen jumbo shrimp (you can use fresh too of course, he gave me a case of frozen shrimp so that’s what I had)

Ginger (just slice off a segment like the size of your pinky)

Sugar 1tbs

Now What?

Bring two pots of water to a boil (that will also fit the shrimp). In one pot, throw in the ginger and the sugar while you are bringing it to a boil.

Drop the shrimp into the pot of plain water for 30 seconds and drain out all the water. Take the shrimp and finish cooking it the water with the ginger and sugar. Once the shrimp is orange/pink allover, IMMEDIATELY drain the water out. You do not want overcooked shrimp.

He does the quick cooking in the beginning in the plain pot of water to take away any fishiness or debris that might be on the shrimp. This one step really makes a big difference in the outcome. When you take a bite, the flavor is so fresh and clean, no one will ever guess that it was once frozen.


-Joyce Huang


  • This recipe is easy enough for even me to handle. Sounds delicious…..i do love the taste of ginger.

  • Oh gosh, if you love easy recipes I’ll have to post my bruschetta recipe for you, it’s always the first thing to go when I have get togethers.

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