Sweet and Creamy Treats on The High Line

What’s some of the great things about walking The High Line? Duh, eating. Eating ice cream to be exact. Be sure to check out Coolhaus, which has a cart there selling artisanal ice cream sandwiches, like this ‘Elvis’ one which has soft peanut butter cookies and banana ice cream.


Or maybe gelato is more your thing? The L’Arte del gelato is one of the better gelatos in NYC. And my friends will tell you, that my favorite gelato to eat is in Europe, so when I find a good gelato in the states, I am one happy camper. Though I will say, that I don’t think gelato in the states will ever be on the same par to the ones in Europe due to the ingredients, ie milk, that they use, that we can’t here.

-Joyce Huang
L'Arte Del Gelato on Urbanspoon

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