Are you familiar with Ag-Gag laws that are being passed? It’s pretty important in the food and animal world and in my opinion, should not be passed. The ASPCA recently contacted me to share their #StopAgGag campaign and petition because it is of upmost importance.

Know and understand what Ag-Gag laws are? Then click here to sign the petition. Otherwise, keep reading and I will include the link at the end of the post as well.

Ag-Gag laws prevent undercover workers in farms and factories from videotaping or photographing any abuse.

Why is this silly? Because it’s simply a way for factory farms to cover up their abuse, hide it from consumers and continue to torture animals. What exactly do I mean when I say torture? I’ve watched videos, seen pictures and read about the following acts when it comes to animal abuse and the food that we eat (keep in mind, this is only a small sampling):

  • Piglets being kicked like footballs.
  • Animals being skinned alive.
  • Pigs being raped with metal poles for fun.
  • Animal beatings.
  • Animals being injected with so many chemicals to be bigger that their legs are crushed from the weight and they can no longer walk.

Just reading that should be enough for you to rethink where you purchase your animal products from or if you even want to continue eating meat.

The ASPCA also sent over the following bullet points:

  • These bills threaten our food supply: various exposés of factory farms and slaughterhouses have revealed the extent to which our meat, eggs and milk are mishandled. They are also a direct threat to marketplace transparency as they threaten our ability to control what we bring into our homes and the food we put in our bodies.
  • While crafted to appear reasonable, these bills seek to criminalize undercover investigations on farms, often declaring it illegal to take photos or videos on industrial farms.
  • Alarmingly, Ag-gag bills have been introduced in nearly half the states (20) and seven bills have already passed into law.

If Ag-Gag laws are passed everywhere, we won’t know how animals are being treated at various farms. The logical answer would be to become vegan, which I would if this ends up being the case. However, meat and animal products are so ingrained in society, I can’t imagine that everyone else will feel the same way. If you are going to and want to continue eating meat, I would highly suggest clicking here and signing this petition.

In addition, if you are going to eat meat, please purchase from ‘humane’ farms. I have a list on my site and would love if you sent me additional farms that you feel like should be on this list.

Thank you!

Joyce Huang

Featured Image via ASPCA.org.

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