Steve’s Ice Cream


For those of you who don’t know, Brooklyn Blackout cake is my favorite cake. As a matter of fact, before we started dating/got married, Patrick sent me two dozen homemade, Brooklyn Blackout cupcakes to me for my birthday one year. Best friend who listens turned husband:).


When I spotted Brooklyn Blackout ice cream by Steve’s Ice Cream, I had to have some and it really is amazing. You get yummy milk chocolate ice cream that has been mixed with chocolate stout cake and swirls of pudding. So good! And yes it really does taste like the cake. Currently I get mine from Fresh Direct, so once I get through all the flavors online, I’ll have to make the trip to Brooklyn to try the rest of them. Steve’s was originally a Massachusetts company, but has now set up shop in New York. Tomorrow I have bourbon vanilla ice cream by them coming in, and I have my eye on getting my hands on some of their Nola Coffee and Doughnuts, Banana Pudding and Sunday Morning concoctions.

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