Squid Ink Pasta With Octopus

Squid Ink Pasta

I was craving pasta and remembered that I had some dried squid ink pasta in the cabinets, but you can actually substitute any type of pasta. I cooked enough here for one serving and it was super fast to make.


1 bundle of squid ink pasta, or a handful of long pasta

5-6 campari tomatoes cut in half

Olive oil

2 big cloves of garlic sliced thin

Black pepper, two big pinches

Salt, one pinch

Canned octopus in chunks (you can rinse this first if the brand you buy is sandy)

1 TBS butter

2 TBS bacon fat

Lemon Wedge

Now What?

Boil water and cook your pasta according to directions.

While the pasta is cooking, in a pan, heat olive oil and bacon fat together, toss in garlic.

While the garlic is soft, but not burnt, throw in the tomatoes. Switch to a low-medium heat.

The tomatoes will visibly break down and their juices will start to come out. Toss in the octopus and mix. Continue cooking for a few more minutes until it looks thickened. Turn off heat and mix in the butter.

The pasta is probably done around this time. Drain the pasta and either mix the pasta into the sauce, or plate the pasta and pour sauce over it.

Finish off with by squeezing the lemon wedge over it.

Serve immediately.

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