Sprinkles Finally Makes Its Way To NYC

Somebody went to Sprinkles bakery, it was me! And boy did they have some tasty cupcakes. Originally a west coast bakery, with a ton of celebrity fans, Sprinkles was also the first cupcake bakery to open up, and it’s really easy to see why it was a success. Their cupcakes are incredibly moist, flavorful and balanced. Definitely not one of those nasty, overly sweet cupcakes, I think what they did was keep the cake part less sweet, so that it really comes full circle with the frosting. It’s fun always eating parts separately, and then together, to see how everything just comes together so beautifully. I really want to stress the ‘moist,’ part, as much as that word freaks me out, because they nailed it. Plus, everything tasted fresh. I will definitely be recommending Sprinkles to any cupcake lover or those who have a sweet tooth. In the picture you have a salty caramel, an orange and a red velvet. The red velvet, while really good, had a bit too much chocolate flavor in it for me, but that’s just a personal preference. Thumbs up and a hi-five!

7.5 out of 10


780 Lexington Avenue

New York, 10065

-Joyce Huang
Sprinkles Cupcakes on Urbanspoon


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