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I just love the Spices and Tease stand at the Union Square market. Not to sound cheesy, but you really do feel like you are transported to a different world in that tiny booth. The colors are so vibrant, you just want to stick your nose in every bowl and every time you seem them scoop out tea with that really long scooper, you think to yourself, how the hell did you not spill or knock anything over doing that. Russian Juice is a huge tea drinker, so when I stopped by I purchased her some mango-pineapple-chili tea. Not because I thought it sounded good, more because she likes tasting unique things. (And to you perverts out there, I know what you are thinking, so stop.)

They sell various black teas like dark choco orange, lemon mint and oolong. Green teas include gin fizz, Sencha and strawberry rhubarb. White tea selections have tropical oranage, red fruit and spicy chocolate. There is so  much more too than just tea. Spice and teas also sells these gorgeous spice blends, sugars, salts, etc. Am really loving these items to gift to other people, they just look so decadent and unique. If you order from SpiceandTease.com vs going to their store locations or Union Square Market booth, it’s free shipping over $60 orders with the code FREESHIPPING.

-Joyce Huang

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  • Spices and Tease, spice store and tea in New York
    Now bringing its “heavenly aromas” to the UWS, Grand Central and Chelsea Market, this merchant offers the same “plethora” of “interesting teas” and “fresh spices” (including 30 housemade blends) that have drawn raves at street markets for years; expect some 180 loose-leaf teas, including exotics like strawberry-rhubarb, plus an assortment of dried herbs, flavored sugars, salts and peppers, all overseen by a staff willing to “guide you” if the choices seem “overwhelming.”

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