Society Coffee’s Food Actually Quite a Snooze

Booooooring. That’s what comes to mind when I think back to my dinner experience at Society Coffee. Oh, yes. And also, blaaaaaaand. The food is quite mediocre. I ordered the baked eggs with a fancy name and fancy cheese. I can’t remember the exact ingredients and can’t check what they were because their site is down, so sorry about that! Though, I think they need to get a new oven because two eggs were cooked in one dish and one was runny and the other was cooked through. The shrimp and cheese grits in a spicy sauce was actually quite tasteless, no spice and no salt apparently. The short ribs were decent, but weren’t that great. My mind is actually wandering as I write about them because they were uninteresting. For some reason the fat and the lean meat didn’t melt together when I took a bite. Usually when I have good short ribs, the texture and flavors are smooth  like butter. Dessert was blah. It was good, but I could have gotten a better chocolate souffle at Dean & Deluca. ONE MAJOR HIGHLIGHT OF THE MEAL THOUGH: The salad dressing. The celery seed salad dressing was absolutely amazing. A mixture of celery seed, vinegar and honey, it was a perfect, perfect, perfect balance of slightly tangy and slightly sweet.

The décor looked as if the owner was confused and gave me the impression that this was the first restaurant the owner had ever been in charge of. I have no idea if it is or not, but just a guess. There are comfy booths on one side, and metal patio-looking chairs on the other. I dunno, it’s like the decorator was trying to be like a cool neighborhood Harlem café, but trying to be sleek and modern at the same time. It didn’t work out.

Though, I do have to say, I have to go back to Society Café, but not for the food, for the coffee, which I didn’t get to try. I must remember that this is technically a coffeehouse and not a restaurant, so it’s OK it the food is just average.
Oh, just a reminder, only wine and beer here, no full bar. Though, another sign that I thought that the owner might be a newbie, they ran out of certain beers, a good restaurant keeps a running inventory with no lapses or they go to the deli and get a 6-pack of Blue Moon if they need to.

4.5 out of 10 stars

2104 Frederick Douglass Blvd., New York, NY 10026 at 114th str.

-Joyce Huang

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