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All of my friends and family were so excited about this on Facebook and Instagram, so I had to share with you too. If you live in certain areas of New York and Jersey, you can now get groceries delivered from Why is this so special? Yes, yes, we have and, both of which I use, BUT, is an Asian/Chinese market, which means that if you don’t have a car (which can be especially expensive if you live in Manhattan), you no longer have to trek to the Chinatowns in BK and the city, or get out to Flushing and Elmhurst, and fight your way through crowds to do your Asian grocery shopping. The worst part for me and my husband is always figuring out if we can carry everything home, or if we would have to break down and spend money on a taxi cab to get back. Now we don’t have to do either.

When you go to the site, if you don’t read Chinese, don’t be sad. All you have to do is go to the right, upper corner of the website and click the flag dropdown. Click on the American flag and the site will translate to English. At this point and time, you cannot pick an exact date and time for your groceries to be delivered. So basically, if I place my order on a Monday before 3P.M., I’ll get my order the next day, on Tuesday. If I place my order on a Monday after 3P.M., I’ll get my order on Wednesday. My order email said that delivery times will be between 12P.M.-9P.M., I received a phone call from them the morning of and was told my order would arrive in the afternoon, which it did, at around 3:30 P.M. I was at the dentist, but my husband said that their representative who brought the boxes up was super nice.

The way it currently works is that you have to buy a $500 membership card to start with and with each order that you place, the money will get deducted from your membership card, rather than be charged to your credit card. I’m not sure if one will have to refill after the $500 is used up. Currently, the first 5 orders one places will receive no delivery charges.

My groceries were delivered in perfect condition. The vegetables were fresh and not a single egg was cracked.

So far I am extremely pleased with them and will definitely be a continued customer.


Joyce Huang


  • Hi Joyce or anyone,

    Is the right site for online orders? Exactly HOW to order items there (or purchase the membership)? Unable to click on any item (into a cart), not to mention pay for it. Please enlighten. Thanks.


  • I love you

  • My cell 917-587-6701, I try to order groceries delivery and can’t go further. Please assist.

  • Hi Mike! Sorry for the late reply. When I wrote the post, you could purchase directly from their site. After a while, they moved to another site for delivery, and then that site moved over or merged with FreshGogo, if I remember correctly. So when I need Chinese groceries now, I go to FreshGogo (app or website). I hope that helps!

  • Hi Wendy! The company’s delivery program had gone through different incarnations. The last one I ended up at was FreshGogo, but I’m not sure how they are delivering right now due to the current state in NYC. Good luck!

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