Skip the Trip to Osteria la Civetta

Osteria la Civetta is definitely a cute and cozy Italian restaurant, but then when I got my food, I was a bit wary. For a price of $19, I got a dish that made me wrinkle my nose at first glance.   The above picture is their Cotoletta Alla Bolognese which is a pan fried pork cutlet topped with proscuitto and Asiago, served with oven roasted potatoes. I don’t know if it was oil or butter or just lard, but you can actually see pools of it separating itself from the meal on my dish. Not appetizing. The pork tasted OK, but again visually very unappealing and overcooked, and it did not taste good enough to make up for that. Honestly, I could have probably done a better job at home and I’m not even freaking Italian. While the pork was overcooked, the potatoes were just plain uneven. Some were cooked through, and some were very undercooked. However, I was starving and portions were small (another bummer for $19) and I ate everything on my plate, even the raw potatoes. Actually I was still hungry after finishing my dish, and had my eye on the pasta with butter that the child attending our dinner was ignoring. However, apparently his father had the same idea and got to it first.


5 out of 10

Osteria la Civetta

133 Main Street

Falmouth,MA 02540

-Joyce Huang
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