Shopping In My Granny’s Kitchen

I went shopping in my mom and granny’s kitchen. I left happy and with the same amount of money I came in with. Definitely plan on doing this more in the future.

Sweet and salty meat snack. They were chewy and not my favorite, but have an interesting and unique taste. Think of a sticky cookie with bits of Chinese sausage meat in it. The American version would have had bacon.

OK. So I was just expecting these buns to be filled with ground meat and cabbage, but I got this amazing circus show instead. HELLO, BEAUTIFUL! Ground pork, veggies, Chinese sausage, egg and juicy goodness. Quite the filling sucker.

This last sugary treat? A flaky crusted dessert was stuffed with coconut that they somehow kept so fresh tasting. This is one of my granny’s favorites because  of the crust. You can even see the layers that have been folded over and over to make this delicate fair. On a side note, I really like my French manicure in this picture. New York Nails and Spa rocks!

-Joyce Huang

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