Schmakary’s Cookies NYC


How pretty are these cookies? Months, months, months ago, we went to go see Once on Broadway. My husband absolutely loves the movie and had to see the show Once it came out. BTW, there is this song in it called ‘Falling Slowly.’ It is amazing and will bring a tear or ten to your eye. Just buy it on iTunes, you’ll like it that much. Also, before the show and during intermission, the bar setting on stage turns into a real bar so that you can order your drinks by going on the stage. First time I have ever seen that before, pretty damn cool.

Anyway, I digress, but afterwards we found this really good sushi restaurant and THEN we found Schmakary’s. The cookies were discounted because it was so late, which is why we left with so many. A perfect bedtime snack.

Hmmm…maybe I should have said that this post was about Once the musical, and not Schmakary’s.

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