Schaller & Weber Fried Chicken

Schaller & Weber Fried Chicken

I bought 2 lbs of Schaller & Weber fried chicken in the Upper East Side the other day. My husband maybe had 3 pieces. Somehow, within 48 hours, I managed to finish the rest of it. I was kind of like:

-Hey, what’s for breakfast, fried chicken? Sure.

-What time is it? 3:37 pm? Time for some fried chicken.

I had to finish the entire bag because I couldn’t stop thinking about it, it was so good.

When you purchase it, it’s room temperature and incredibly crispy. Each bite sounds like a fried chicken commercial.

Actually, when it comes to fried chicken, my favorite part is the delicious, flavorful and crispy skin, so with this batch, a lot of the time I was trying to eat around the meat because the skin was so good.

Definitely a must try if you have never been to Schaller & Weber before. It’s a German butcher shop that also has a lot of yummy ready to made food and bratwursts you can keep in your fridge to cook up yourself.

Schaller & Weber

1654 2nd Ave


New York, NY 10028

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