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courtesy of We Take The Cake

“Life itself is the proper binge”

– Julia Child

Hmmm, about me… to imply that I am an expert in all things food, is to imply Julia Child was an expert in all things mechanical. Now, the indelible Mrs. Child might have been able to fix a car with just a butter knife and a toothpick, whereas I most definitely cannot debone a duck and stuff it with deliciousness. Alas, I am certainly no expert in the culinary arts, but one thing we do have in common is an insatiable love of food. Yes, I love to cook, almost as much as I love to eat and to be quite honest I am not one of those hostesses who will spend all day in the kitchen just to see the satisfied looks on her guests’ faces as they contently finish up the last morsels of food on their plates. Oh, no I’m much too selfish for that. I’m undoubtedly the girl that takes the biggest portion and scarfs it down herself.

Fear not, all is not lost, now my selfishness can serve you! Due to my nature, I have consumed copious amounts of great (and not so great) food and to do so, I have had to search far and wide. I have also cooked, cooked and cooked some more. I love to cook! Not to brag, but I will anyway, I have been told that my carrot cake is the most delicious on the planet, on more then one occasion. Now I can bring my hits (and some of my misses, why shouldn’t you get to learn from my mistakes) to you.

In the coming weeks, the secret to delicious potato latkes, cooking in a tiny kitchen and of course… carrot cake.

I can’t wait to get to know all of you.

– D

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