Ricotta Stuffed Zucchini Flowers, FRIED!

The basil plant is still growing, so I decided to stuff some zucchini flowers with it and gain 5 lbs. Zucchini flowers will always have a special place in my heart. Growing up, there was a very small window when we got to eat them from my grandmother’s garden. She would chop them into chunk pieces and cook it up with a scrambled egg. So good! I decided to go a fancier route, but obviously an easy one since I have very little patience, which is why I try and keep my cooking nice and simple.


Ricotta (1/4 cup)

Big handful of fresh basil sliced thin

Pinch of salt



Zucchini flowers (I made 3)

Enough oil to fill 1 inch in a pan

Now What?

I didn’t rinse off my zucchini blossoms because I was scared of breaking them, but make sure to check them for bugs or dirt. In a bowl,  mix together the ricotta, basil and salt. In another bowl, scramble up an egg. Then in a plate, pour your panko on to it. Heat up your oil while you stuff the flowers.

All you do is, gently open up a few petals of the flower and using a small spoon, stuff it with the ricotta mixture. Don’t put too much, just enough to fill the cup part of the flowers, you don’t want it overflowing and spilling into the oil.

Twist the top of the petals together to seal it. Dip it into the scramble egg, without letting go of the twist. Shake off any excess and then dip into the panko, still holding the twist together. Shake off any excess panko. When your oil is sizzle a little, gently place the zucchini flower into it, still holding on to the twist till the very end, and remember to not burn your fingers.

This part is very, very fast, so pay attention. After about 15 second the batter will have brown, flip the flower to the other side and cook till it has browned as well. Drain on paper towels.

I will definitely be serving this at my next dinner get together if I can get my hands on more flowers. Next time, I’ll either trying mixing mozzarella or pancetta into the ricotta mixture to make it even richer.

-Joyce Huang

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