Refreshing Vodka Berry Punch Recipe

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We were all getting ready for an exciting game of Parcheesi while vacationing in the Thousand Islands and thought, lets have a drink. And our lovely host bought all of these gorgeous berries and I wanted to use them to make an alcoholic punch of some sort. Plus I needed to make something quick since everyone was waiting on me to play the game, so here is a refreshing vodka punch that I made up.

Ingredients for 4 large drinking glasses

You can use whatever berries you want. I used what we had on hand.

A handful of sliced strawberries

A handful of raspberries

A handful of blueberries

Orange juice (1 1/4 cup)

Cranberry juice (1/4 cup)

Simple syrup (Mix white sugar with hot water to melt it. I don’t use parts like you’re suppose to make this, I just add a touch of hot water so that it all melts.)


Now What?

Mix the orange juice and the cranberry juice together, then mash the berries into it.

Fill up the drinking glasses with ice to the top and then fill halfway with vodka (for those who don’t like the taste of alcohol, just fill 1/4 of the way, but we wanted really strong cocktails). Then divide up the juice mixture into each glass and stir well. If when tasting each drink with the vodka, you want it to be a touch sweeter, simply add simple syrup to each glass so that everyone gets the right amount of sweetness that they want.

The funny thing is, after all of the ice melted, it tasted like Vitamin water.

-Joyce Huang


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