Quenepas AKA Spanish Lime

Quenepas 2

Ever have a quenepa or Spanish lime before? They remind me of my childhood. From when I was 3-7, I grew up in a Puerto Rican neighborhood where we loved our rice and beans, roasted chicken, plantains and of course, quenepas.

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In New York City, you can find them in Spanish-neighborhood delis, bodegas or on fruit stands. I don’t usually see them in supermarkets. They are sweet, a touch tart, fun to eat and very addictive. Rinse them off, crack them open with your teeth and then suck the sweet pulp off the seed. In a way, eating them is kind of like a mindless activity, like chewing gum or sucking on a lollipop. I actually think that I like treating them like pieces of candy and keeping them in my mouth more than the taste. Try it and you will see what I mean! You can usually get a ziplock bag size of them for around $2-$3 depending on where in the city you purchase them.

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