Pralus Infernal Chocolate Bar

Have you ever had a Pralus Infernal Bar before? The quality of this chocolate is freaking ridiculous. It is an incredibly rich and creamy chocolate-hazelnut bar that brought smiles to our faces the first time we tried it. It’s available at Murray’s Cheese downtown and at Grand Central Terminal. Thank god it’s pricey, otherwise I would be purchasing them all the time. I loooooove hazelnut chocolates like this. Not ones that have actual hazelnut chunks in it, but when there is a hazelnut paste involved, like with gianduja/gianduia chocolates.

On you can purchase either the milk or dark chocolate bar for $19.99, however, for some reason I feel like when I purchase them in-store, they are around $14.99 each.  With the higher price tag, you do get a lot of chocolate. It weighs in at 5.64 oz. one bar lasts about 4 days between the two of us.

Joyce Huang



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