Powerful and Easy Veggie Side Dishes

You know me, I love easy dishes that taste incredible. Here are two side dishes that pack a lot of punch for very little work.


I can never get enough of arugula. Raw or sautéed, the flavor is so tasty and peppery. I like to keep it very simple though because I love the actual flavor of arugula so much. When raw, I love just drizzling it with lemon juice, good olive oil and I’ll give it a sprinkling of sea salt and give it some shavings of a cheese like parmesan or pecorino. When cooking it, just sauté it quickly in some oil and when it is all wilted, but still a nice bright green, you’re done. Toss it with salt, top with cheese shavings or eat as is. Sauteed arugula is so freaking good. The texture is nice, filling and great to bite into. Serve it when you don’t want to do your normal spinach side dish.


Now for this dish, you really need to make a trip to your local Asian supermarket. Go to the snack aisle and pick up bags of chili peanuts to keep in your cupboards.  All you have to do is start sautéing your green beans in oil, and when the outsides look slightly cooked, throw in the chili peanuts. It will infuse the veggi e beautifully and make it nice and spicy. The peanuts will also get a nice char and crisp to them. People will think this is a fancy dish since they won’t realize that you just threw in chili peanuts in. I stole this idea from my grandmother.

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