Porsena Restaurant Review NYC

First off, sorry about the dark photos. You know I hate using a flash when I’m in public and there are other diners. And now on to the blog post:).

Took my girlfriend out for a celebration engagement dinner and I have got to say, Porsena was a really tasty place to eat. The atmosphere was relaxing, our server so nice and the food was really good. You could hear moments of silence at the table in between me screaming ‘OhmiGAWD, I love your ring’ because we would get caught up in eating. And I really did love her ring by the way. She got an amazing piece from Canturi that is absolutely stunning. Anyway, as usual I digress. Back to food.

We split:

porsena calamari

1)   Calamari: So good. It was tender and flavorful, I could’ve eaten another serving.

porsena restaurant nyc

2)   Ham: It was a great balance of fatty and lean, again, if we got another plate I could’ve eaten it all.

pasta pomodoro porsena

3)   Pasta al Pomodoro (this was about 1/3 of the pasta we were served): I am a big fan of simple pasta and what this was was simple pasta made with really good ingredients. This is the type of pasta I like eating when I go out. You can really taste every single ingredient used because they are worth tasting.

I look forward to my next trip there.

8.5 out of 10


21 E 7th St.

New York, NY 10003
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