Picaditas At Cafe Ollin

I was grabbing dinner at Café Ollin in East Harlem the other night and along with my delicious carnitas tacos, got a Picadita. I love the name. Picadita. Picadita. Picadita. Heehee. And the last time I tried to order them, they ran out, but I got lucky this night and was able to order a Carnitas Picaditas. I had never had one before, but was hoping that I would enjoy it and I did. So what is it, is a thick homemade tortilla that is given a dent in the middle to hold the generous carnitas, salsa, sour cream, lettuce, onion and cheese filling. It’s similar to a soft shell taco, but because of the filling foundation, feels a bit more hearty. Would I get it again, yes. Should you try it if you haven’t? Yes, even if it is just so you can say the name out loud.


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