Per Se

After eating lunch at Per Se, it’s definitely become one of my favorite restaurants. I would have to say that Joel Robuchon in Las Vegas and Per Se are now my top 2. Hopefully I’ll be back to enjoy their food again. And I have to say that the Perfect Manhattan that I had there was the best one I have ever had in my life. I don’t remember the name of each dish because I was busy just enjoying the food and atmosphere, so excuse me when I can’t remember all the details. Also, except for the Oysters and Pearls dish, none of the pictures have been Photoshopped. It was just too many pictures for me to work on right now.

Per Se 1

Oozing with gruyere, this was such a great start to our meal. I could have eaten a whole bowl of them.

Per Se 2

Salmon cornet. Beautiful presentation and filled with creme fraiche in the cone.

Per Se 3

Butternut squash with hazelnut custard. My husband’s favorite of the entire meal and he doesn’t even like butternut squash.

Per Se 21

Oysters and pearls. I was quiet the entire time that I ate this because I was too busy eating mine and Patrick’s.

Per Se 5

Truffle custard goodness that I got to scoop out with a crisp. I also ate mine and Patrick’s.

Per Se 6

I cannot express to you how much I fell in love with these parker rolls.

Per Se 7

Luscious butters. We couldn’t stop eating the one from Vermont on the right.

Per Se 8

Palm of hearts salad. I could have done without this, but it does look brilliant. My favorite part was the grapefruit.

Per Se 9

Bread basket trip #1.

Per Se 10

Bread basket #2. That pretzel roll was fantastic. I ate the entire thing. It didn’t even need butter.

Per Se 11

Mmm, scallops. So fresh and easy to slice through.

Per Se 13

Tender short ribs with basil. The texture reminded me of pastrami.

Per Se 14

Play on a French 75 with granita. Fitting since I had just ordered a French 75 to drink.

Per Se 15

Creme brulee ice cream. It all went in my belly.

Per Se 16

Chocolate shell filled with what I *think* was two kinds of mousse.

Per Se 17

Dates from California.

Per Se 18

Coffee and doughnuts with a selection of bon bons. The coffee was a creamy frozen concoction that was hard to stop eating.

Per Se 19

Sandwich cookies that we got to take home.

Per Se 20

Chocolate covered hazelnuts that they brought over on our way out.

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Per Se

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