#PecidTasteMakers Event at Pok Pok

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Pecid and Eater.com threw a #PecidTastemakers event last week that was hosted by Ted Allen. We started out at Whiskey Soda Lounge for a cocktail and then ended up at Pok Pok to hear Ted Allen speak and sit down for a delicious meal of Asian food, much of it influenced by Northern Thailand.

Usually for these events I attend when I have time outside of work, the invitations are for restaurants and websites. It was unusual to hear that Pepcid was throwing this event, but it makes a ton of sense. Not only does it make a ton of sense, but Ted Allen makes for a fantastic front man for the brand at all. After all, eating Thai street food that is full of spicy and hard hitting flavors is perfect for Pepcid to associate with. And on top of that, Ted Allen is one of the most charismatic and intelligent men I have ever met before. He was an amazing host. I was lucky enough to be assigned to his dinner table and he chatted with all of us until he was whisked away before dessert to mingle with with others. I really could listen to that man talk all day, it’s amazing how much I learned from him.

Whiskey Soda Lounge and Pok Pok are owned by Chef Andy Ricker, who received the 2011 James Beard Foundation award for Best Chef Northwest. The cocktails that we sipped on were made with sipping vinegars, which was completely new to me. The vinegar is diluted with soda water and turns into a soft drink that isn’t too sweet, but that has a nice tartness to it.

Dinner was really delicious. Some of the standouts included:

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Ike’s Vietnamese Fish Sauce Wings-This was my absolutely favorite dish of the evening. They were a bit overly salty, but in a good way because it would be a perfect accompaniment for a cold beer. I loved everything from the salt and sweet, to the sticky texture and garlicky notes. Heaven.

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Plaa Neung Bui- Beautifully presented, this steamed striped bass was tender, satisfying and there was nothing ‘fishy’ about it in anyway.

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Kai Yaang Tua- A mouthwatering plate of whole charcoal roasted hen is accompanied by incredibly flavorful sauces. The sauces were so delicious, just be warned that your mouth will be blasting garlic at everyone.

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Sankhaya Fak Thong- Our dessert of pumpkin and palm sugar custard was fantastic. While, I didn’t care too much for the pumpkin part, I was blown away by the palm sugar custard. This is something that I seriously have to learn to make.

Thanks to Pepcid, Eater.com and Ted Allen for the wonderful #PepcidTastemakers event! We all has such a fun and delicious time.

Pok Pok NY

117 Columbia St.

Brooklyn, NY 11231
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