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Wow, wow, wow, wow! So on point? I had lunch at the Pastrami Queen the other day and I feel so sad that I hadn’t been before. The pastrami here is ridic! Actually…this is a bold statement, but I think that Pastrami Queen pastrami is the best pastrami that I have ever had before. (I just wanted to be able to say ‘pastrami’ three times in a sentence.) It tastes so fresh, moist, full of seasoning and had just the right amount of fat. I will say that you have to eat it right away (by andy). Our leftovers that I finished about 2 hours later were good, but not as amazing. Not only was this sandwich delicious, but so were the matzo ball soup and garlic French fries.

Pastrami Queen 1

The matzo ball soup was so simple, but really well made. I couldn’t stop drinking the clean broth.

Pastrami Queen 2

And then you have the garlic French fries that just have a beautiful smell to them that just surrounds the entire table. I will definitely be heading back here very soon!

Joyce Huang

Pastrami Queen

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