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Parm 1

A while back I had the flu. It was a miserable and very ugly two weeks. I gained weight. I am the only person I know who can gain weight while being so sick. During that second week I started thinking about Parm. I was thinking about ice cream, meatballs, heroes…heroes…and heroes. As soon as I was strong enough to get out of bed and taste again, I left the house for a few hours to eat at their Nolita location and it was everything that I hoped it would be. Except for the cocktails, the cocktails were horrible. But the food! The food was fantastic and exactly what I needed.

I polished off some meatballs.

Then onto some of Patrick’s chicken parm hero.

Then I finished my entire Italian combo hero.

Parm 2

And we couldn’t leave without getting some ice cream in our bellies. I let Patrick choose and he went with the S’mores ice cream cake.



248 Mulberry Street

New York, NY 10012

Joyce Huang

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