Pantry Chocolate Pie Recipe

Pantry chocolate pie recipe

I don’t make pie crust dough that often, which is why lately I have been wanting the practice. Practice makes perfect! However, I didn’t have enough of one fruit to make a fruit pie and my husband doesn’t like cooked fruit. So I ended up mixing things that I found in the pantry and lordy-lord-lord, it actually baked and set in the oven. Sometimes good things happen in my kitchen. Out of the oven came this light, not-too-sweet, chocolate custard pie that tastes so lovely when topped with fresh whipped cream.

I didn’t measure anything, so godspeed.

Ingredients for Pie Crust (I’m going to keep practicing different ratios. For this one it resulted in a flaky, butter crust).
2 cups of all-purpose flour
A few TBS of cold ice water
2 sticks of cold butter sliced into pats
Few shakes of a salt shaker

Now What for Pie Crust
In a big mixing bowl, pour in the flour and salt and mix well or sift. Using your fingers, break up the pats of butter with your fingers into the flour. Add in the cold water and start mixing everything up your with hands. If the flour isn’t coming together, add more water. But only add a TBS at a time because you don’t want to be able to knead it like a bread dough. You only want it to come together to become a ball without falling apart. Form a ball, wrap with saran wrap and refrigerate for an hour.

Cut in half. Half of this ball with cover the bottom of a pie pan. For this you can just wrap up the half you don’t need for another pie (which is what I am doing) and refrigerate or freeze. Flour a clean counter or cutting board. Flour a rolling pin and start rolling that half ball out into a circle wider than your pie pan. You want it thin, but not thin enough where it will break or be see-thru. Butter and gently flour your pie pan and get your rolled out pie dough into it. Cut off the edges, but leave around a inch hanging off. Crimp or fold the edges however you want. Prick the dough on the button of the pie pan a bunch with a fork. This way it will stay flat when you cook it.

Ingredients for Filling
1-12 oz can of evaporated milk
Semi-Sweet chocolate chips (I found about 5-6 oz in my pantry, if you have more, just use more chips and omit the cocoa powder.)
2 big spoonfuls of cocoa powder
½ stick of butter cut up into pats
¾ cup of granulated sugar
4 eggs
Big sprinkle of cornstarch dissolved in 2 TBS of water

Now What for Filling
In a bowl big enough to fit all of these ingredients with room to spare, put in the butter and chocolate chips. Microwave for 20 sec intervals, mixing between each interval until everything is smooth. Mix in cocoa powder and sugar. Beat in the eggs. Mix in the evaporated milk. Mix in the dissolved cornstarch. Pour into the uncooked pie crust and bake at 350 degrees for 50 minutes or until filling looks set.

Let it cool off completely and top with slightly sweetened whipped cream. Definitely serve with whipped cream. The combination is great.

Ingredients for Whipped Cream

Confectioner’s Sugar

Heavy Whipping Cream

Now What for Whipped Cream

In a bowl, put a little confectioner’s sugar and half a pint of heavy whipping cream into a mixing bowl. Whisk until it start to form up a bit. Taste it, if you want it sweeter, add more sugar. If it is too sweet, add more cream. Keep whisking and incorporating air into it until you get whipped cream.


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