P.B. Max Candy Bar Copycat Recipe

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My husband looooves P.B. Max candy bars. The problem is that they went out of production and he can’t them anymore. I wanted to come up with a copycat version to surprise him, but the issue is that I had never had one before, so had no idea what they tasted like. I was able to find this one YouTube video on how to make a copycat P.B. Max, which proved to be very helpful, as I couldn’t tell if the peanut butter was topped with peanuts or whatnot. I did take a major shortcut by not making my own cookies, simply because I thought that a chocolate-dipped McVities would be much cleaner to work with.

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The end result was delicious. It’s incredibly rich, but even though when your stomach tell your to stop eating it because you’re going to get sick, it tastes so freaking good, you can’t stop. You have a grain cookie bottom, topped with creamy peanut butter, topped with cookie crumbles and then everything is just covered in milk chocolate. Mmmm. My husband and his friends says it reminds them of how a P.B. Max tasted, or at least tastes super close since it has been forever since they had one, and can’t 100% remember how it tasted.

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Ingredients for 8 P.B. Max Copycat Candy Bars

1-2 packages of McVities Milk Chocolate Digestives. The first package I used was half eaten already, so I’m not sure how many total I ended up using.

1-1.5 cups of creamy peanut butter

4 TBS of confectioner’s sugar

1 package of milk chocolate chips

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Now What?

In a bowl mix together the peanut butter and confectioner’s sugar.

In another bowl, crumble a few digestives until they are about .5 CM big.

In a third bowl, melt down half the bag of chocolate chips.

Lay 8 cookies down, chocolate side down.

Top with a heaping spoonful of peanut butter and round it out on top.

Top each one with cookie crumbles.

Use a rubber spatula or butter knife and coat each one with melted milk chocolate.

Keep in the refrigerator till it hardens.

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Joyce Huang


  • Hi, I’m the one who made that YouTube video. I took pieces of homemade crunchy whole cookie and I put them on top of the peanut butter and cookie layer. I didn’t use peanuts at all.

  • Perfect, thanks! Also, sorry, I just realized the video link didn’t translate when I copy and pasted the text from the doc. I’ll add it in directly now.

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