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Oxheart is one of the best restaurants I have ever eaten at. The husband and I got off of our flight to Houston, dropped off our bags at our hotel, and then headed to Oxheart to fill our bellies. FYI, Oxheart is the name of a carrot and does not refer to an ox’s heart.

To be honest, we weren’t crazy excited about their menu when we read it, but when we ate the food…GODDAMN. It’s a mainly vegetarian menu, which is why you can understand why my southern husband was kind of dreading our meal. But I cannot express to you, if words like ‘mung bean pancake’ and ‘porridge of grains’ are a turn off, just push those thoughts to the back of your head and ignore them. The food is fantastic, flavorful, and wonderfully unique. When you are done eating your meal, you are never going to ‘eh’ at words like ‘mung bean pancakes’ and ‘porridge of grains’ ever again.

We ended up going for their Winter 2016 menu and received the following dishes from their tasting menu:

Golden Delicious apple broth with ‘French’ sorrel and ‘Oyster’ mushrooms

Mung bean crepe stuffed with corn, picked roots, and burnt onion

‘Golden’ Tilefish with basil-kombu broth, squash, and salted fruits

‘Freedom Ranger’ chicken stuffed with rice and collard greens

Muskmelon sorbet, cream cheese mousse, lemongrass, and freshly juice cucumber

*I was obsessed with this dessert, but my husband’s version, not the exact version above. I think that they substituted his cucumber juice with melon juice, and OMG. Incredible. The normal format is wonderful, but I thought his was just full of so much freaking flavor.

BTW, they have some really cool cutlery, bowls, and plating. You can check out the artisans that make them at OxHeartHouston.com.

1302 Nance Street
Houston, TX 77002

Joyce Huang

Oxheart Restaurant

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