Outdoor Areas of New York City

Lots of walking, lots of eating and lots of sangria this past weekend. Looking to enjoy this gorgeous NYC weather? Then try out a few of the spots I went to recently.

Don’t forget to take advantage of Museum Mile along 5th Ave., which is, you guessed it, an Avenue that has a museum on every block it seems like.

I headed to the Cooper-Hewitt to catch the Van Cleef & Arpels exhibit which ends July 4th weekend, but the lovely surprise was their stunning outdoor garden area. My friend and I rested our feet for a bit, took in the sunshine and view, and felt wonderful. You just have to find those hidden spots in NYC that make you love it more and more everyday. The food at their café, and the service at the café was pretty bad, but the outside section made up for all that.

After the museum, I met a friend on the west side to walk the Highline. It was such a wonderful trip, and everyone there was in such a good mood. We planned it, so that when we got off the Highline, we could scoot over to The Frying Pan, which is a hangout on the Hudson river where you can enjoy food and drinks on a barge or ship. The age range was vast, from babies to people in the 60’s. The bar staff, both men and women were gorgeous. Someone hired a bunch of models! None of us were complaining.

We spent the afternoon eating fries, calamari, BBQ chicken and burgers, which were very tasty. I was not expecting good food from a place like this. Actually, I was also expecting the bathroom to be a complete mess, but it wasn’t. For a sunken ship, they really take care in what they serve and the cleanliness of everything. We sipped our way through about 4 pitchers of refreshing sangria, and basked in the afternoon sunshine, past the dusk and it was just simple and peaceful.

It’s summertime, so make sure you take advantage of it, because before you know it, the seasons will change and you will have to wait a whole year for it to come again.

The Frying Pan

Pier 66

New York, NY 10011

Walk to 26th str and 12th Avenue, you can’t miss it.

7.5 out of 10

-Joyce Huang
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