Otafuku x Medetai NYC


Mmm…Japanese grilled octopus balls. The Japanese takeout restaurant, Otafuku x Medetai, has been a constant in the East Village for over a decade now. Now a few doors down from its original location, their food is still delicious and comforting. I’ve actually never had Japanese grilled octopus balls, AKA takoyaki, anywhere else. It’s something that I crave when I know I will be in the area. When you bite into it, you cut through bonita flakes, creamy sauces that are full of umami, a soft batter that melts in your mouth and an octopus center. I always burn my tongue on them because I can never wait for them to cool off. The taste and portions will have you very satisfied.

Otafuku x Medetai

220 E 9th str

New York, NY 10003

Joyce Huang

Otafuku x Medetai

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