Online Liquor Store Pick: Master of Malt

Master of Malt Review

Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. I’m loving Master of Malt and so far everyone I have mentioned it to has as well. I discovered it randomly (one of the better things about the internet), I think in 2015. I had been on a hunt for a company that would sell tastings of liquor, and lo and behold, popped up.

Why would one want to only buy samples of liquors? It’s a money saver in the end to be honest and a fantastic gift idea.

I was looking to buy a bottle of bourbon for someone, but wanted it to be really special. What the recipient ended up getting was over 20 samples of bourbon (they have a ton more, but I gave myself a $200 budget for the gift – shipping included), of bourbons they had never tried before. So with one gift, they were able to try all of these new kinds, and figure out which ones they liked and didn’t, versus me just buying big bottles of bourbon that they may or may not have liked.

For me, buying a whole bottle of liquor is an investment because it can be pricey, and it’s a lot of liquid to have to drink if you don’t like it.

With over 5,000 sample offerings to choose from, you can be kept occupied for a long time to come. Plus, I love this idea for tastings parties if you want to make it a group activity.

Visit Master of Malt here.


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