One Simple Step To Make Extremely Fluffy Pancakes

One easy step to take to make incredibly fluffy pancakes? Fold in stiff egg whites. Whether you make them from scratch or use Bisquick, you will surely notice the difference. All you have to do is follow your recipe, but separate the eggs and keep the egg whites in a separate bowl. Mix in the yolks into the rest of the recipe like you normally would.

Now with the egg whites, just beat them till you get stiff white peaks.

Fold it into the rest of the batter a big spoonful at a time. By fold, I mean, don’t stir it in, you kind of want to take something flat like the utensil I’m using, cut the egg whites into it with a gentle swipe down and then swoop the batter at the bottom of the bowl and bring it up and around the top of the batter. Keep repeating till it all disappears into the batter. You don’t want to stir because you will lose all the air that took you took the time to beat into the egg whites.

Cook your pancakes like you normally would. You will notice how lovely, thick and soft as soon as the batter hits the griddle or pan.

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