One of the Simplest Pork Chop Recipes, Ever!

I never grew up with thick pork chops at home. Rather, my granny would make thin ones, around .5 inches or less, and then slightly pound them to make them more tender. They never felt heavy, and even though the recipe is extremely simple, they have so much flavor. I’ll make like 4 of them and eat them through out the week. You can eat them as is, in sandwiches, melt cheese over them, whatever your hungry heart desires (I’ll list ways that I’ve eaten them below.


4 pork chops, sliced .5 inch or less thin and slightly pounded (I just use my rolling pin)

1 cup flour

Big sprinkling of pepper

Big sprinkling of salt

Chunk of ginger

2 stalks of green scallion (broken into thirds

Oil (I use canola)

Now What?

In a bowl, mix together the flour, pepper and salt and then pour on to a plate.

In a pan, large enough to fit all of the pork chops, coat it with a thick coat of oil, throw in the ginger and scallions, and heat it up. When it is hot enough to start cooking, push the ginger and scallions to the sides of the pan and keep on a medium heat.

Take a pork chop and dip one side into the flour till it is covered, and do the same to the other side. Shake off the excess flour and put it in the pan. Do the same for all of them. They’ll be ready to flip to the other side when the side that you are cooking is starting to slightly brown. That light char gives these pork chops incredibly flavor. Whenever everything is done cooking, serve and top with the scallions from the pan.

-I’ve eaten then just like this with the scallions.

-I’ve turned them into sandwiches with hero bread, mayo and chopped, hot cherry peppers.

-I’ve melted it with cheese and topped with fried peppers.

Get creative with your leftovers. I say this because, especially if you are busy, you can make a batch of them like I do at the beginning of the week and still feel like I am eating something different every day.

-Joyce Huang

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