One Of My Favorite New York City Restaurants

Tarallucci e Vino use to be one of my favorite restaurants and for some reason, I stopped going for a bit. Maybe I needed a change of scenery, but going back again reminded me why I love it so much there.

I started off with a glass of bubbly Lambrusco. Then I had the lovely appetizer above as well as some Burata cheese (think of mozzarella with a creamy center) that was topped with dried fruit and truffle oil. The appetizer above was the: Ostriche avvolte nella Pancetta, Salsa allo Yogurt Greco-
Oysters wrapped in Pancetta with Greek Yogurt Sauce

Gnocchetti di Ricotta, Favette, Zafferano, Triglia e Croccante di Ricotta Salata-
Ricotta Gnocchi, Fava Beans, Saffron, Mullet, Crispy Aged Ricotta

The gnocchetti di ricotta was a little dry so I asked for some tomato sauce to add to it and it was much better. The sauce they brought me was really simple, but so good that I was eating it straight out of the bowl with no pasta. Sorry the pictures get dark starting here, I had to turn off my flash so that I wouldn’t disturb neighboring tables.

Gianduia, Mousse al Caffe, Sorbetto al Cocco:
Liquid Gianduja, Coffee Mousse, Coconut Sorbet

I wasn’t in love with this dish, but the textures were really interesting, glad I tried it at least.

Sorbetto or Gelato Tasting of the Day-

Tiramisu, chocolate and caramel.

Ever since I had my first bite of gelato in Europe a few years ago I have been extremely picky about the gelato I like in the US. It just tastes so good there that it’s hard to accept some of the gelato that is sold here as “gelato.” But Tarallucci makes their on and it was quite delicious. I should have gotten a pint to go.

7.5 out of 10


Union Square location

15 E 18th str (bet 5th ave and Broadway)

But they have other locations in their city that you can find on their website: Keep in mind that the East Village location is a bakery and not a sit down restaurant like the one on 18th str.

-Joyce Huang

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