Odd Fellows Ice Cream Co.

Odd Fellows ice cream 2

Jesus Christ Superstar! I love Odd Fellows Ice Cream. I took one bite of their Buttermilk Blueberry Honey flavor a while back and it blew my taste buds away. It’s not normally a flavor that I would get, but I was craving buttermilk that day for some reason. The quality of the ingredients is noticeable immediately.

Odd Fellows ice cream 1

In fact, this tasted so good so that I went back and ordered the Sprinkles flavor because it looked so pretty. The Buttermilk Blueberry Honey was definitely better, but both were still delicious. I have a feeling that I would never be disappointed by any of their flavors.

Odd Fellows Ice Cream Co.

175 Kent Avenue

Brooklyn, NY 11249

Joyce Huang

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