Neyla, the Pretty, Pretty Name, with the Tasty, Tasty Tapas

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Neyla, a Mediterranean/tapas restaurant, was the spot of a holiday work party that I attended. Sorry New Yorkers, this one is in DC. Upon arrival, we were none too pleased to discover that our reservation for 15 people was somehow lost. Hungry, cold and disgruntled, the restaurant soon appeased us by putting together a last minute table.

Décor: Loved the long, sweeping lines of fabric that ran and swooped from the ceilings. Hated the bottle lights that were reminiscent of oversized Christmas tree lights.

Cocktails?: You can’t go wrong with smooth Patron shots, and while the Sinbad wasn’t very good, a mixture of tequila, pureed cilantro (I love cilantro and that is what swayed me) and OJ, their Cucumber Mojito was clean, refreshing and tasty. I should have had that all night.

How were the tapas you ask?: Delicious! And I’m not just saying that because I was starving and had two tequila shots and a cocktail before food even came. It really was a delicious dining experience. The Hummus was simple, but definitely yummy (see picture above, isn’t the presentation darling?). I kept asking for more bread to eat more of it. The Cheese Rolls, think fried spring rolls filled with feta, manchego and mint was wonderful. Luscious insides and light and crispy outsides. Why didn’t we get more of those again? Gambas a cilantro, shrimp with garlic, jalapeno, tomato and cilantro was flavorful. We also got a mixed grill platter of lamb, beef and chicken kabobs. None of the meat was tough, think tender and well seasoned. Lucky for me fashion girls don’t eat that much so I got more than my fair share of food. (I’ve heard on more than one occasion that I am the exception to the industry, lol.)

OK, so maybe everything sounds like it would come from a typical Mediterranean restaurant, but as all of us know, simple food that is executed well is a spectacular thing.

And as usual, whenever I finish writing up one of these posts, I will find my way to the fridge because of course…sigh…I am hungry again. I’m thinking I’m going to make a grilled brie sandwich with honey before I pass out for the night.

8 out of 10

3206 N St NW, Washington 20007
(202) 333-6353

-Joyce Huang
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