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You know what I liked about Hundred Acres immediately? That they took reservations. So many restaurants do first come first served and it drives me nutso! I have to work, I can’t camp out all day on your sidewalk goddamnit. The seating was definitely comfortable. No squishing or squashing anywhere and big chairs. Loved the big chairs because you can keep drinking and drinking and drinking and no matter how drunk you are your booty won’t slip off of it!

-Cauliflower and Brussel Sprout gratin: I know, I know…everyone is using brussel sprouts now, it is the ‘hot’ vegetable, lol, the fact that there is a ‘hot’ vegetable of the moment is funny. It was freaking good. Like really good. Creamy, salty and yummy, the vegetables give a good bite and texture against the melted goodness. I have to learn that recipe.

-Grilled flatbread with cheese, red onions and chili-rosemary oil-I wish it were cheesier. I like cheese. I think cheese likes me.

-Braseole platter-It was only one quick bite that I had and I could have sworn that the tomato was sweetened with something. I don’t like that. I like my air dried meat savory.

Keep in mind that I can be very annoying when it comes to food. Very, very, very annoying. My friend and I decided to split two entrees, but when I couldn’t find anyone else to order the burger with me and I didn’t shut up about it, half the table agreed to split it with me.

Medium rare burger with white cheddar, pickles, onion, lettuce and a side of fries and mayo:
Hard to say because it sat there for a few minutes before I got to eating it, but it was a good burger, nothing that I need to have again, but a good burger. I was hoping that it would be juicier, it wasn’t. Though, I loved the full sour pickles and the fries were quite good.

Seafood chowder:
Not your typical thick chowder…think of it as a slightly creamy broth. Amazing. I could have drank the broth all night. The lobster melted in my mouth. The mussels, clams, scallops and fish were beautifully cooked as well. I wish I had some right now.

Sirloin flap steak with roasted onion and scalloped potatoes:
First off! The potatoes did not work at all. The edges were so hard I felt like I was biting into raw rice. The onions looked cute, but I didn’t really need them. The steak was gorgeously cooked and very flavorful, but the cut wasn’t very good. It was very chewy in certain areas and I made myself swallow certain pieces that I probably should have spit out, but I didn’t want to because I was in public.

Chocolate pot du crème with sugar cookies:
Simple and delicious. Beautifully silky and full of chocolate-y flavor and topped with fresh whipped cream. But while sugar cookies were what drew me in to this dish, they weren’t sugar cookies. They were butter cookies/shortbread. While they were very good, I would say that it felt like false advertising.

Cocktails: I tried three, the chipotle margarita, pear crush and then some prosecco one. They weren’t bad, but I could do without them and just stick with my Jameson. You would figure that all those magical and hoity toity ingredients would create something mind blowing….not so much.

7 out of 10

Hundred Acres

MacDougal St, New York NY10012
(212) 475-7500

-Joyce Huang
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