Never Make Brownies From Scratch Again Recipe

Box Brownies

These brownies are fudgy and decadent, and fudgy and spectacular, and fudgy. Did I mention fudgy? I’m so in love with these brownies that I would have a pan of them ready at all times in the kitchen to eat. However, this led to my husband eating a half pan of them everyday (this is with restraint), so I had to stop baking them. Super easy!


1 box of Duncan Hines Dark Chocolate Brownies (Other fudgy brownie mixes I have used have turned out fine as well. Doesn’t have to be dark chocolate.)

1 13 Oz. jar of Nutella

1 Egg

and whatever else the box of Duncan Hines tells you to add to the mix to get fudgy brownies.

Now What?

Mix the brownie mix, everything it tells you to add, the entire jar of Nutella and the extra egg. Pour into a pan and bake according to instructions. When done, serve as is, or drizzle Nutella over it.


Joyce Huang


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