Need A Gift Idea? Try Shari’s Berries

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I go through food obsessions, and my latest one is Shari’s Berries. I’ve been getting them for everyone lately, ever since I had a dozen sent to Mr. Juice’s office for Valentine’s Day and everyone inhaled them. Their chocolate covered strawberries are so plump and juicy and very hard to stop eating. You kind of pay out the Wah-zoo for shipping, but it’s worth it because you want the product to be incredibly fresh. Some lovely friend of mine recently sent me a cappuccino cream cake of theirs that I’ve had problems not eating, so I’ve hidden half in the freezer. Seriously, can this company do no wrong? No, they didn’t pay me for this post. I’ve just been eating a lot of their cake lately, and have been sick in bed for the last few days, so it’s been quite the comfort.

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My favorite method of eating their cake so far? Just getting a utensil and digging right into it. I have no shame. Plus if you don’t slice it up, it just counts of one serving, which also means less calories even if you eat the entire cake!

Get one of their products for a friend or yourself and indulge. It’s worth it.

-Joyce Huang

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