My Top Ten Guilty Food Pleasures

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My Top Ten Guilty Food Pleasures In Life

10) Chinese fried shrimp. Where it’s so fried that you can crunch through the delicious head like a potato chip.

9) Cinnabon. Enough Said.

8 ) Durian. It’s a fruit, but is so freaking fattening, especially when you eat the whole damn thing.

7) Stinky tofu. I don’t understand how you can stop yourself from eating this delectable delight.

6) Eating condensed milk straight out of the can. Don’t judge me.

5) Cheez Whiz. HELLO!! Fresh Direct, why do you not carry it?????? OK, I guess I’ll eat any type of cheese. So all cheese for #5.

4) Butter. Ask my ex-boyfriends who have put on god knows how much weight from my cooking.

3) Gelato in Italy. Can we please reproduce it in the United States somehow???? And don’t say Grom, Grom cannot compare.

2)  Lobster. The meat, the green stuff, the orange stuff. I take pleasure in cracking it all and taking my time with it.

1) Maruchan Instant Ramen. I can eat it all day, all week, all month. Crack an egg into it while it’s cooking and you have a full meal.

-Joyce Huang

Update: OK. I have to get eating frosting straight out of the can on here somewhere too. Drool.


  • I have to agree with so many of your guilty pleasures– especially the condensed milk and frosting out of the can and cinnabon. Just a question: I love lobster too, but can it really be considered a guilty pleasure? I guess for the fat content or the price you mighy feel guilty, but I would not feel ashamed telling someone I had lobster today. Some of the others on your list, perhaps. I don’t know if you would agree but I also have a couple of spoon fulls of brown sugar– that’s my personal guilty pleasure!

  • Hola! How have you been? Hmmm, I think for me with the lobster, I usually eat two at a time and it has high cholesterol and I dip it in melted butter, that and the price make it a guilty pleasure for me. One weekend I bought 5 two lbs lobsters for me and my boyfriend, no one else. Haha, you know, I’m not sure if I could eat spoons of sugar, but I might try it now. It’s funny hearing other people’s guilty pleasures, one of my girlfriends is really healthy and we were talking about it and her guilty pleasures were like my normal mid-day snacks.

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