My New Obsession: Juicing

I’m pretty much addicted to juicing at this point. I’ve had the juicer for a week and have been drinking on average about 3 mason jars full a day. The taste is really refreshing and I must say, I physically feel better. And that makes sense, I mean each glass that I am drinking is packed with so many types of vitamins, it’s ridiculous. I’ll fill up a  big mixing bowl with mixed vegetables or fruits and think to myself, “Wow, all that is going into my body with one drink.” If you are interested in juicing, take a peek at the site It’s filling with so much juicing information from the nutrition facts of vegetables and fruits to personal experiences of using it. And you can print it all out if you choose to.

The one downfall about juicing is that I think I am going to have to cut back. It takes a lot of fruits and vegetables to get juice, which is most likely why pure juices are so expensive. In NYC, my average grocery bill (not including take out or going out) is $50 a week. Juicing costs me about $50 for 5 days + addition solid foods that I eat. So it isn’t the cheapest thing to do. But if I just cut back to 1-2 jars a day, then maybe I can swing it easier.

Here are some of the juices that I have been loving

Melon juice: Melon juice is incredibly flavorful. I tried juices where I combined different melons, but my favorite has been to drink each one pure. So just cantaloupe juice, just honeydew juice or just watermelon juice. It takes about one cantaloupe to fill up a jar and I love having one after dinner to satisfy my sweet tooth, instead of having a dessert like cake or ice cream. Surprisingly, it’s really satisfying.

Veggie mix: I’ve tried a bunch of different mixes, but so far my favorite has been cucumber, celery and spinach. I love the taste of vegetables, so it worked well for me.

Tropical mix: This turns out to be more of a smoothie when I juiced it because my fruit was so ripe, the pulp would come out and made it extremely filling. I made it with mango, pineapple and papaya.

-Joyce Huang


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