My New Favorite Izakaya

I like Izakayas, but I’ve never been in love with them, that is until I tasted what Sakagura had to offer. Sakagura is located in the basement of a building in midtown East. You can easily walk past it, make sure to look for a sign on the sidewalk that leads you into a white building and head downstairs.

What makes Sakagura stand apart from other Izakayas in New York City, is the high quality food and innovative ideas that go into their dishes. In return, you will pay slightly higher prices than other Japanese bars charge for their food, but it is well worth it.

My dinner with a friend of mind started off with one of their plum wine summer cocktails. I was thinking to myself that it would either be disappointing or heavenly and it was without a doubt the latter. Definitely a fantastic way to start the meal off. My cocktail consisted of plum wine, cherry tomatoes, soda, lemon juice and sea salt. It was unbelievably refreshing, every time I took a sip, I craved another immediately. It really did taste beautiful on my tongue. And then the food started coming.

ONSEN TAMAGO – Soft Boiled Egg Topped with Sea Urchin and Salmon Roe in Cold Soup: I didn’t know what to expect from this, but it was very harmonious. The soft boiled egg was poached wonderfully, the flavors of the light broth were brought out by the saltiness of the urchin and roe. I wish I had a bigger spoon. (First picture in post.)

KAMO ROAST – Slices of Chilled Roasted Duck Wrapped Around Scallion Accented with Basil Sauce: For those who don’t like the fattiness of duck, you will want to try this. The meat wasn’t greasy at all and was quite tender. Simple ingredients that came together so well.

GYU MISO NIKOMI – Shredded Beef Back Ribs Stewed in Miso Topped with Grated Dikon Radish: The bitterness of the daikon was a great match for the sweet and savory that came from the meat and broth of this dish. It reminded me of my grandmother’s cooking.

GRILLED BEEF: Exactly what it sounds like, we were served tender slices of raw beef to cook over a hot stone with a side of ponzu sauce (soy sauce with a citrus accent).  The meat was so easy to bite through and reminded me of a succulent roast beef.

JAGA DANGO – Mashed Potatoes Coated in Sweet Donut Batter Fried Crisp: I can’t say that I loved this dish as much as I wanted to, but it was interested. Instead of typical mashed potatoes, they were gelatinous in texture, but I am sure that that it was it was intended to be. The donut batter was slightly sweet and tasty. A fun dish, but I don’t need to order it again.

I will be heading back to Sakagura soon, and can’t wait to bring friends and family there.

9 out of 10


211 E 43rd St #B1, New York NY10017

Bet. 2nd ave and 3rd ave

-Joyce Huang
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