My First “Authentic” Lobster Roll

Now, I’ve had lobster salad rolls before, but I can say that this was my first “true” lobster roll. Recently on a trip to Connecticut, someone was explaining to me how the lobster rolls that I have been eating in New York City my entire life are really lobster salad rolls. Apparently in New England, a real lobster roll is considered to be lobster and butter sandwiched in bread. I had to have one.

And what amazing timing, a second Luke’s Lobster Bar opened up in the Upper East Side and as soon as I found out about it, I rounded up some friends and walked right over. I was ready to clap my hands like a little kiddie once I saw what was in front of me. I ordered a lobster roll and a crab roll. Let me start with the crab roll because it wasn’t that amazing. Yes, I was loving the amount of pure crabmeat that was sandwiched in the bun, but it was lacking in flavor and didn’t feel very meaty. The buttered and toasted bun with mayo was tasty though. How was my lobster roll, you ask? Fan-freaking-tastic. A departure from the lobster salad I mentioned that I’m so use to, I loved the big chunks of lobster in the sandwich. It actually looked like it was overflowing with lobster, which it was considering it takes about 5-6 lobster claws to make each sandwich. Just like the crab roll, the bread was lightly spread with mayonnaise and the meat, I believe was mixed with butter and whatever their own mix of seasoning are. Eat time I took a bite, a chunk would fall out. And the price is very decent to, $14 for a lobster roll (a crab will run you $9 and a shrimp $7), or if you order it with chips and a drink, $16. Is this type of lobster roll better than the ones I’m use to? I love both types for different reasons, but I will say that Luke’s sandwiches really make the true flavor of this seafood shine.

When the weather cools down a bit, I’m going to have to order some of their chowders, I bet those are yummy. And they will also be installing a deep fryer so guess what? Fried clam strips for Juice!

8 out of 10

-Joyce Huang

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  • In Boston and Maine, lobster rolls are frequently served with mayo. The roll containing only butter is more commonly referred to as a “Connecticut roll”. The former is my preference, as lobster with only butter requires no bread to be enjoyed. Lobster “salad”, on the other hand, is best served on a top-sliced pepperidge farm hot dog bun.

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  • Sierra – I’m sorry for the kitchen woes I nitecod your kitchen faucet do you like it? I’m considering one of those and just curious if it’s as awsome as it seems. Also to rotate into you menu, we love Salad bar nights, taco salad, grilled chicken ceaser, bbq chicken salad, steak salad it’s a great summer meal and doesn’t heat up the kitchen although the mess is inevitable

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