My Favorite Item at Marmara Restaurant

Holy crap, so I need to talk to you about the start bread at Marmara. To put it simply, it was good, but I still daydream about their amazing bread. It’s a Turkish sesame bread I believe, and they bake it fresh there. Warm, melt in your mouth and I just could not stop eating it. I asked if I could take a piece home and they graciously tucked 2 big rolls away in my leftovers. I was so happy. But if you want to eat more than just sesame bread (though, it’s really that good, I would have been happy just eating the carbs for the entire brunch) you can rest assure that Marmara, a Turkish and Mediterranean restaurant, hits the mark really well. (You might want to stay away from the breakfast platter though. Just trust me on this one.)


The grilled calamari was incredibly tender, your teeth will slice through them like a knife. And it was light and flavored nicely.

Everyone happily chowed away at the refreshing Shepard’s salad. I ended up even making a batch for dinner that same day because it tasted so lovely.


My Marmara Pizza? Wow this was a big pizza. It was topped with Turkish sausage, mushrooms and fresh basil. I definitely had enjoyable leftovers for 2 more meals. Happy camper.

Sorry if I’m not writing more. I’m pretty tired right now. Just remember, try the bread!

Night, night.

7 out of 10


1660 3rd Avenue

New York, NY 10128

-Joyce Huang
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