My Favorite Chef in the Whole Wide World: My Grandmother

I love visiting my Granny. I love her so much. And I love showing up with an empty stomach. My first words are always “Hi Nie-Nie!”Nie-Nie being maternal grandmother in Chinese. And then my second words are usually, “Doo-Zi Uh,” meaning “stomach hungry.” She will always produce the best food for my taste buds. It’s home for me. I can never get enough of her cooking. To me, it will always be my favorite place to eat.

When I stopped by the other day she started rolling out these Chinese tortillas that I love. Look at her hands go! So freaking fast. I can’t master it.

And then she whipped up a quick bowl of egg fried rice and served it with

Homemade chicken soup

Soy sauce eggs and ribs that my dear uncle brought by

And steamed crabs that my former roommate is so good at making.

It’s pure bliss to me.

-Joyce Huang

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