A Playful, Healthy Snack to Eat

I’m obsessed with English pea pods at the moment. They’re very playful, and healthy as well. I’ll keep a bowl near me, shell them and pop them raw into my mouth for something bright and fresh for my tongue. My earliest memory of them was when I was younger and watched My Fair Lady for the very first time. Audrey Hepburn stole one to snack on at the market and I just remember thinking, “I want one.”Actually, every time I watch the movie now, I still think the same thing. I can’t help it, I like eating. If you’re on a diet or looking for healthier snacks, keep a bag of these in your fridge. You’ll find yourself so busy shelling them, that you won’t be snacking or eating anything else in general.

Prefer cooked peas? Then all you have to do is shell them and cook them in boiling water for about 5 minutes. Toss them in butter, into pastas, salads, whatever your heart desires. One of my favorite dishes to eat them in is pasta, with alfredo sauce, ham and of course, peas.

-Joyce Huang

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